Do you know what you’re getting these days?

In today’s article, we wanted to talk about brand awareness and knowing what you’re getting.  While browsing around our normal Greek sites, we noticed something interesting…. Some of these companies aren’t telling you exactly what you’re getting! In being fair, once again we will keep everything apples to apples.  We’ll talk about sweatshirts since it’s season appropriate.

First, let’s start of with Something Greek. Every single sweatshirt that we looked at had a clear description of exactly what you would be getting.  See the attached screen shots for proof!

You can find the different sweatshirt pages here.  And this holds true for all other pages, tee shirts, sweatpants, jackets, etc.  There is no hiding what you’re getting through Something Greek.


With Greek Gear, it’s kind of like the mystery meat at the school cafeteria, you’re not quite sure what you’re getting.  We did the same comparison, and did come across one item that did have a description, but still not sure what brand they are using.  And their sweatshirts might be a great deal, but can you decipher what you’re getting ahead of time by the descriptions?

And last but not least, we’ll take a look into Custom Greek Threads.  They let you choose from 1 of 4 different sweatshirts, and you only know what you’re receiving from 1 of the 4 sweatshirt choices.  They are good, however, with letting you know what the specs are of these mystery brand garments.

To wrap up this article, I personally feel that it’s important to know what you’re receiving ahead of time. Imagine one year you ordered a sweatshirt, and you loved it, only to find out the following year when you ordered for your little that it was something completely different.  How would you know?  A company that takes the time and effort to let you know what you’re receiving will win my business time and time again.

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In a Rush to get your Apparel?

Good morning Greek Universe,

Today I wanted to explore the concept of getting an order rushed out to you in case you’re a last minute shopper such as myself.  A lot of companies that deal with Greek merchandise offer an expedited service, so we figured we’d lay it out for you guys below to show you how it works:

Something Greek – They seem to have the most practical and effective rush service.  Their rates are for 15% of the total cost, and rush items will ship out within 1 to 3 business days of all items being in stock.  Most of their standard production times are only 5 business days or so, so either way you’re not looking at a long wait.  And 15% might seem like a lot of money, but a standard tee shirt will run you about $20, making the rush fee about $3.  Not too shabby compared to some other companies.  Also, Something Greek ships through UPS, which guarantees ship times.  Meaning, if you’re located in Nebraska, it takes the same amount of days to get the items to you each and every time through UPS.  Other companies ship through the post office, which typically doesn’t guarantee an arrival date, or insurance for that matter.

Greek Gear - To keep things Apples to Apples, we’ll use a standard lettered tee shirt from them as well.  While their base price is a little cheaper, their expedited production is definitely not.  Greek Gear starts off at $25.00 additional per product on 1 day production time.  If you want the items done in 5 days it’s an additional $10.00 per product.  So, if you were to order 5 shirts, it’d be the cost of the shirt plus $50 just to get it done in 5 days.  Yikes.

Custom Greek Threads – Lastly I’ll take a look at Custom Greek Threads.  Their base price for a garment is the most expensive out of the 3, starting at $18.  Their production time starts at $15.00per product for a 5 day production, not including shipping times.  So, ordering a shirt with a solid color letter and border with their 5 day production comes out to roughly $40.  Their quickest production time is 3 business days, unlike Something Greek and Greek Gear who do offer a next day, or 24 hour production time.  Again, yikes.

So, to sum everything up, if I was looking to order a shirt, red letters with green border, and have it done in 24 hours, and shipped to me, here’s how much I’d be spending per company:

Something Greek – 24 hour tee + ground shipping = $38.90

Something Greek 24 hour item

Greek Gear – Tee shirt w/ 1 day production + ground shipping = $48.90

Greek Gear 1 day production

Custom Greek Threads – N/A, no 1 day production available.

Custom Greek Threads 3 day production


Coupon Codes If You Need Something Greek This Semester!

Looking for a discount on custom Greek clothing? We’ve rounded up the current online coupon codes for the major custom Greek apparel suppliers.

Something Greek:

For 5% off use: Facebook5

For 10% off use: fall12savings or kickoff

For 15% off, write a product review on their website to get the code emailed to you!

*Something Greek changes their coupon codes monthly so be sure to check for the most recent one.  You can stay in the loop by checking their facebook page here or their personal blog page here.  Their facebook page is constantly updated with new products and photos of customer orders.

Custom Greek Threads:

While we can’t seem to find a coupon code on their website, but if you shop around on the site enough, a pop up comes up for 5% off. You can give them your email address, and they will email a coupon to you.

Greek Gear:

For 5% off use: DAILY12

New For 2012 Sorority Accessories

Two of the major custom Greek retailers seem to have some new items in the Sorority accessory department. Where should you order your back to school sorority items from? Read on to find out!

The new sorority pen comes in your colors, with your mascot, and features your sorority name written out. The supplier, Alexandra & Co., sells the item for $1.76, Greek Gear sells the item for $1.95, and Something Greek sells the item for $1.75.


The new vintage ID coin purse comes with your letters and the year your organization was founded. Currently, we can only find this product on the supplier’s website for $11.99, and on Greak Gear’s website for $11.95.


Sorority Accessories, Custom Greek Gear

These sticky notes come with your letters and mascot in full color. Right now Alexandra & Co. and Greek Gear are the only companies that seem to be selling them. They are being sold for $3.99 and $3.95 respectively.


Sorority Accessories, Sorority Desk Accessories, Back to School

The new mascot notepad comes with your organization written out and an image of your mascot. Alexandra & Co. sells them for $4.99, Greek Gear sells them for $4.95, and Something Greek sells them for $4.75.


Sorority Accessories, Sorority Mug, Back to School

The new mascot mug comes with your organization’s mascot or flower. Alexandra & Co. sells this item for $15.99, Greek Gear sells this item for $16.95, and Something Greek sells this item for $15.99.


The trinket tray seems to be a partner to the mascot mug. Alexandra & Co. sells them for $8.99, and Greek Gear sells them for $12.95.


Sorority Accessories, Sorority Dorm Accessories, Back to School

The new magnets come in a series of three with your organization spelled out, your mascot, and the Greek letters. Alexandra & Co. sells them for $4.99, Greek Gear sells them for $5.95, and Something Greek sells them for $5.49.

Sorority Accessories, Back to School, Custom Greek

The new cosmetic bag comes with your organizations mascot printed on the front and your organization written out on the zipper. Alexandra & Co sells them for $16.99, and Something Greek sells them for $18.95.

Sorority Accessories, Back to School

The final new item is the new canvas tote. This tote comes in your sorority’s colors with a paisley design and your organization spelled out. Alexandra & Co. sells this bag for $21.99. The other retailers do not seem to have this item.

If You’re in Greek Life, You’ll Want to Check this Out

Welcome to Cheap Greek Clothing’s Blog. Here you’ll find price comparisons for custom Greek apparel and accessories from top Greek specialty retailers. If you’re looking to order Greek clothing and accessories for your organization’s next event, be sure to check out our comparisions first. We’ll be your new best friend for fraternity and sorority bid days, formals, recruitments, big/little gifts, and any other event you might have. Check back soon for our first price comparison.